Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hard Sell versus Soft Sell... which is best?

I just read a great article today in Advertising Age about emotional messages beating out rational messages. Here's a link to it.
According to Pringle and Field, authors of Brand Immortality, emotional campaigns in general generate a wider range of desirable business effects including improving profitability and reducing price sensitivity. Viola.. these guys have done the research and they've got the data to prove it. Emotional campaigns tend to create a sense of differentiation that don't diminish when a competitor launches something new. Think about the emotional power of Apple, they suggest. Nothing can guarantee your brands superiority or longevity but really powerful and emotionally engaging programs can certainly insultate your brand. If you're looking to develop an emotionally engaged program that differentiates you from the competition and creates loving customers for life, we can help. Georgia Mouka