Monday, April 19, 2010

Sundance Balloons does it again!

Sundance Balloons is one of the largest and most respected hot air balloons companies in the world. For a limited time, they were offering special Mother's Day pricing on all their flights across Canada. So they called to help! We helped humanize the visitors experience by creating a personal and compelling message to help build awareness and boost sales during this special promotional period. With the click-on functionality, it enabled visitors to get more engaged with the brand and quickly get the best gift for the best mom in the world. Check out today for more information. To find out more about our humanize the web technology, visit today.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Middlesex Textiles UK humanizes the web with

Middlesex Textiles in the UK is one of the largest importers and exporters of premium quality West African Fabrics in the world. For over 40 years, customers have trusted Middlesex Textiles to deliver the largest inventory of innovative patterns and vibrant colours in the marketplace. They have an unbelievable selection of laces, exclusive patterns, wax prints, matching shoes and bags and so much more. Plus, they offer world-wide shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Middlesex has customers from around the world that buy their fabrics online. They wanted to give their customers a much more engaging online experience so they had the confidence knowing that Middlesex Textiles stands behind their products and services. So, they turned to to help.

The Greystone Greeters team worked with Middlesex Textiles to determine what the key communications messages should be so the customer would "feel" confident, "think" that Middlesex is the right supplier of premium quality West African Fabrics and "do" ie: click on the video so they could be directed to the wide selection of laces and embroideries. Overall, the results have been very positive. Check out to see their selection of beautiful fabrics and don't forget to share with your friends.

Greystone Greeters works with clients around the world to help greet, inform and sell their products and services online in a much more engaging way. We can do the same for you. To find out more, click on today.

Accenta gives it's brand a voice!

Since 1987, Accenta has been the leader in the modular display and trade show exhibit market. From design to manufacturing and distribution, Accenta has consistently delivered award winning solutions that match their customers's needs. They have worked with some of the world's largest retailers, CPGs, beverage companies and automotive brands. From dynamic POP displays to sleek banner stands to stunning lightboxes and print, they have the in-house capabilities to get the job done.

When Accenta wanted to create a more personal and more engaging website, they contacted During the creative process, they worked together to finalize the scripts and select the right actor that would tell a story about who Accenta is and what they do. The results were amazing. Customers were greeted instantly and gained a better understanding and confidence in Accenta's capabilities. Plus, the click-thru functionality of Greystone Greeters video also allowed the visitor to quickly get to the product catalogue.

Check out to see online video capabilities in action.

Monday, January 25, 2010

SAVE TREES. NOT PAPER. You can help save 34 million trees!

It’s hard to deny that the world is going paperless. As transactions and commerce continue to fly exponentially along that path, we may not like it, but it’s not going away. As a matter of fact, it’s only going to intensify. One major Financial Institution with over 10 million clients has already strategically decided that by 2012, they will NOT send out a single piece of paper to clients if they can avoid it.

Greystone Design + Communications is proud to partner with and support the Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies. Our good friend, Michael Schweizer, is the creator of the Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies® product, a licensed partnership with Wiley Publishing’s For Dummies® brand. Together they produce products that help Consumers & Small Businesses save, manage and protect their important Documents and Information

More Staggering Facts-Save Trees Not Paper™
The environmental opportunity created by this surge is already staggering …some startling statistics :
• If every North American with a home PC (250 million) received and filed the Bills and Statements that are already available electronically from their Banks and Utilities, each would save an average of 700-900 pieces of paper and 200 envelopes per year. That’s 275 Billion pieces of paper!
• If every Tax Payer chose to Save their return as a PDF and e-file with the government, that would save another 5 Billion sheets of paper
• If every e-bay shopper saved their purchase receipt electronically instead of printing it, that’s over 1 Billion sheets of paper!
• If all 26 million weekly online shopper in North America chose to save their purchase receipt electronically instead of printing it, that would save another 1.35 Billion sheets of paper!

That’s a startling 280 Billion sheets of paper annually which equals 34 million trees saved! (the average pine tree yields approximately 8333 sheets of standard photocopy paper )

In addition, our example would also save:
• 9.9 Billion Gallons of fresh water
• 5.8 billion KW hrs of electricity
• 85 million lbs of air pollution…all annually

5 Simple Steps
So how do you get there? By taking these 5 Simple Steps both in your own lives and Businesses
1. Commit to a New Paper Reduction & Handling Process
• Go online and switch as many Bills, Receipts and Statements to Electronic from Paper delivery. Start with your Financial Institutions & Utilities.
• When paper does arrive, replace the time you spend “staging it physically” or filing it, with scanning and shredding it. You’ll be surprised how little time it takes.
2. Get a Good Scanner
• Scanning isn’t just for photos anymore, so slow flatbed scanners are becoming obsolete. There are amazing, affordable duplex (2-sided) scanners out there that cost in the $300- $500 and scan up to 50 page, 2 sided document in seconds. In my opinion, the “”Best of the Bunch is the Fujitsu ScanSnap series.
3. Get a Good Shredder
• Don’t be fooled into buying the cheapest product on the market. Motors and cutters tend to give out on those bargain units regularly (within a year). For less than $200 you can find a heavier duty shredder that shreds paper clips, staples, even credit cards & CD’s.
4. Establish or Get a Good Organized Filing System on your computer
• Investing the time in the setup of necessary files under MY Documents and your email Inbox is invaluable. There are also some very good time saving software programs that pre-build the folders you need or allow you to quickly build and index/search in the future. If you want a simple and easy to use solution, get the Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies, its simple, but it’s thorough and saves you hundreds of hours of setup time by installing all the pre-built folders you need in life which were created by industry experts. Click here to get a copy of a $75 software bundle for only $5 and support Earth Day in the process.
5. Backup, Backup, Backup
• While many options for backup exist, you should consider a safe, secure, online backup solution. For less than $50-100 per year per computer, you can employ a solution that automatically backs up all of your documents and your email when you’re online, without you having to do a thing. They are simple, painless and no disaster or catastrophe in the world can keep you from getting all your important files back, usually within 24 hours. Click here for one we recommend

Enjoy the Security and Peace of Mind
Once you have these basics in place, you’ll start to reap the benefits that come with going green…going paperless. It’s a winning way of doing business…a winning way of life. Let’s join together to Save Trees Not Paper™

To find out more and to download the Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies for just $5, simply click on this link today.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scotiabank Be proves you can BE money smart and more!

Scotiabank International - which has been part of the Caribbean and Central American since 1889 - launched Scotiabank Be in Bridgetown, Barbados with loads of excitement and fanfare. They launched a new program called Scotiabank Be, an innovative approach to banking that provides young adults with the right tools to attain their financial goals. Scotiabank Be was developed to reflect the aspiration and creativity of Barbados' young adults. Through specialised products and services, Scotiabank Be will help youth take positive steps towards personal success and financial security.

In addition, Scotiabank wanted to greet, inform and communicate it's program in a truly innovative, interactive and engaging way in a tone and manner that would resonate with the target audience. So they launched a 30-second Greystone Greeters video to help visitors to the Scotiabank Be website better connect with the brand the second they visited the site and deliver a strong call to action. Check it out at The message was consistent with other materials about the program including radio, print and content on the website. Essentially, they humanized the web in a truly interactive, relevant and personal way. The Greystone Greeter encourages visitors to learn more about the products, tools and exclusive offers by simply clicking on their country link to get started.

Scotiabank is the leading bank in the Caribbean and Central America. They have almost 12,000 employees serving more than 2 million customers with 410 branches, kiosks and other offices plus about 799 automated banking machines. Scotiabank is one of North Americas premier financial institutions and Canada's most international bank. With close to 69,000 employees, Scotiabank Group and its affiliates serve approximately 12.8 million customers in some 50 countries around the world. If you want to learn more about Scotiabank Be, visit their website at

Greystone Greeters helps brands come to life and humanizes the web experience. The team of writers, producers, editors, professional talent and program developers will ensure your message is delivered on time and on strategy. If you want to learn more about how Greystone Greeters can help greet, inform and sell your products and services in a much more engaging way, visit us at Georgia Mouka

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Demand more... Demand Metric.

When wanted to convert visitors into customers for their online products and services, they contacted Check out one of our innovative and customized GreystoneGreeter programs at

Demand Metric helps its members save time and money. They are one of the most trusted sources for comprehensive business tools and "How To" Guides in the marketplace. Over 2000 members including CEOs, Directors, Sales Executives, Marketing Professionals and Consultants get unlimited access to more than 225 premium management templates and over 100 "How to Guides". For a low monthly fee, you get unlimited access to their growing library of resources, on demand. Plus, there's no contract and you can cancel at any time. So if you're looking for a Competitive Assessment Tool, a Business Strategy Plan, an Account Executive Job Description Template or a Sustainability Report Template, you'll find these and so many more templates at So go ahead. Join Demand Metric today!

To learn more about our Humanize the Web technology, visit our website at

Celebrating 30+ years of Retail POP Excellence!

When wanted to engage their online visitors in a unique, innovative and compelling way, they contacted Since 1977, Brinker Displays has been a leader in the Point-of-Purchase Advertising Industry. They've been delivering high quality programs for some of the most respected brands in the world. And, they have received numerous POPAI Awards for design, manufacturing and assembly of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent displays. Brinker Displays has extensive in-house capabilities including vacuum forming, plastic extruding, fabricating and molding, wood, metal, screen, offset and digital printing, hot stamping, mounting and die-cutting. With over 100,000 square feet of space and highly skilled Associates, Brinker Displays can easily handle small runs and large, full scale nationwide rollouts. Plus, they maintain high quality controls and strict environmental standards. We like that and we think you will too! So go ahead. Learn more about their capabilities by checking out their website at These are great people doing great things for retailers, agencies and CPG's... every day!

To book an engaging and interactive online video program for your website, contact today!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Up, up and away!

When a customer visits your website, they usually decide within seconds if they will stay or go. At, we help our customers better connect with their customers the second they visit their website. We help you greet, inform and sell your products, services and brands online in a much more engaging way. We essentially Humanize the Web! Adding video to enhance online advertising and the customer experience can generate increased response, interaction and audience involvement. 80% of online visitors recall seeing a video ad and 52% take action. 16% of online video viewers make a purchase (Source: Online Publishers Association). When Sundance Balloons wanted to engage their visitors in a unique, innovative and compelling way, they contacted Sundance Balloons is one of the largest and most respected hot air balloon companies in the world. Whether you're looking for an unforgettable adventure to celebrate a special occasion or to fulfill a magical dream of flight, Sundance Balloons delivers. Since 1985, Sundance Balloons has flown more than 250,000 passengers on more than 25,000 flights at their locations across Canada. Experience the thrill and tranquility of a hot air balloon flight with Sundance Balloons. I did and it was absolutely an amazing experience. Check out their website at and you'll also see our campaign delivering an engaging and innovative online experience. And while your checking out Sundance's departure locations and special rates, check out their corporate hot air balloon programs too. Take your brand to new heights. To book your next balloon adventure, contact today! To book your engaging online video program for your website, contact today!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blink... the power of thinking without thinking!

Blink by the author of The Tipping Point. Malcolm Gladwell. Great book. Borrow it or buy it. Just get it. It's good. It gives excellent examples and insights on the power of thinking without thinking. I'm not a military freak but boy, military folks know a thing or two about strategy, sticking to a plan and instinct. It also talks about "prejudging is the kiss of death". True. He also refers to the "giant computer" that is our unconscious. It crunches all the data. It looks at all our experiences, people we know, lessons we've learn, etc. that helps us instantly form an opinion. Yup. Been there. Done that. Won't get burned twice. It's like our unconscious attitudes may be incompatible with our stated conscious values. Things that make you go "hmmmmmm". Georgia Mouka

Monday, May 18, 2009

Interactive online video works! Check it out.

Ever thought of adding a video to your website to enhance your customers online experience? You should. Here's why. Adding video can generate increased response, interaction and audience involvement. Here are some facts that I found very compelling and any marketer should get over the moon excited about. In February 2005, roughly 50% of purchases were preceded by an online search. In 2008, that number skyrocketed to 85% (Source: Double Click). Wow. That's amazing. There's more. 80% of online visitors recall seeing a video ad and 52% take action (Source: Online Publishers Association). It gets better! 16% of online video viewers make a purchase (same Source). Cha-Ching!!!! And because we love to share with family and friends, 9% of online videos forwarded them. Videos score 5 times the click through rates of display or banners ads and have a higher recall, somewhere between 50%-60%. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started. Check out for more information or email us at Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching. Happy Selling! Georgia Mouka

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Buying and smelling?

You heard me right. Buying and smelling. I recently read an article where Marketers are tapping into our senses to boost sales. Makes sense, right (no pun intended). Brand futurist Martin Lindstrom says that our shopping journey is "not stimulating and the sensory experience is generic... shoppers are bored." He's right. In a recent study, he concluded that what we hear and what we smell are more powerful than what we see. Yikes! That freaks out most marketers who focus on creating only visual campaigns. Lindstrom says that our emotional brain overrides our rational brain when we are triggered by sound and smell. I'd bet that you have gone grocery shopping on an empty stomach and passed the bakery counter. You know what happens next. You've got a dozen hot buns in the cart and you're dying to eat them! Lindstrom predicts that the grocery stores of the future will be highly seductive zones that stimulate all the senses - smell, sight, touch, sound and taste. To all the marketers and designers out there - remember to think beyond the easy. Think about the brain being a multi-sensory unit that needs all kinds of stimulation. Make sure your designs and your programs stimulate all the senses. And, check out the book, Buyology by Martin Lindstrom. Georgia Mouka

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I participated in an online eMarketing webinar today called Digital Marketing Now - Seven Strategies for Surviving the Downturn. Outstanding information. A few nuggets of info: Age of accountability; keep doing search; don't ignore the power of branding online; stay close to your customer; consumers trust eachother; engage with online video; transparency = trust. Georgia Mouka

Monday, March 9, 2009

Charlie Brown says good grief.

I say "Sheesh". My favourite word today. Don't use it enough but when I do, boy does it mean something. Try it. And when you're at it, scratch your head. Now does that not make you smile. Keep smiling. Georgia Mouka

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Loyalty... really?

Who's loyal these days? People are loyal to their friends, their family, their churches, their teams. But to their local diner? Sure. What does it mean to be loyal? Websters says that "loyal" is defined as being faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution or product. This should not be confused with being addicted. :-) I can think of about 100 things I'm loyal to. I believe in what that thing or that institution stands for. It's close to my heart. It's meaningful to me and powerful. It makes me feel good or better. It gives me strength. It keeps me warm. I'm loyal to my Tim Horton's coffee. It's consistent, it's good, it keeps me warm and it gives me strength. And Tim Horton's looks to innovate and change things up by introducing new things. I like that and that's why I'm a loyal. Thanks Tim Horton's. Georgia Mouka

How do you define business integrity?

Here's one definition. "Integrity is putting your values into action" says Robin Siemens. Great. That's a good one. Here's another definition. "The integrity of men is to be measured by their conduct, not by their possessions" according to Junius. Way to go Junius. How about being fair and the quality of being honest. A few more words come to mind like upstandingness, character and honesty. But, these days, business integrity is hard to find. So when the going gets tough, the best thing you can do is stay true to yourself and do what is right in your heart, for your company and your customers. Georgia Mouka

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hard Sell versus Soft Sell... which is best?

I just read a great article today in Advertising Age about emotional messages beating out rational messages. Here's a link to it.
According to Pringle and Field, authors of Brand Immortality, emotional campaigns in general generate a wider range of desirable business effects including improving profitability and reducing price sensitivity. Viola.. these guys have done the research and they've got the data to prove it. Emotional campaigns tend to create a sense of differentiation that don't diminish when a competitor launches something new. Think about the emotional power of Apple, they suggest. Nothing can guarantee your brands superiority or longevity but really powerful and emotionally engaging programs can certainly insultate your brand. If you're looking to develop an emotionally engaged program that differentiates you from the competition and creates loving customers for life, we can help. Georgia Mouka

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Giving thanks.

Hello World!

I effectively created this blog in 5 minutes. It's absolutely mind-blowing and amazing. The innovation. The simplicity. The ability to have a "voice" that transcends boundaries. I have to give credit to Cassandra Baccardax of the Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) who organized an amazing 5 part event called Robust Retail. Scott Kendall, The Technology Coach, was the presenter today. I have to give a big thanks to Scott for sharing his passion and knowledge. And more importantly, showing the group how easy it is to create your own blog. I truly believe that if you give first, you get more back. So thanks to Cassandra and Scott. May you have many blessings. I look forward to getting started. To learn a little more about me and my company, click on

Happy Blogging. Georgia Mouka