Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Up, up and away!

When a customer visits your website, they usually decide within seconds if they will stay or go. At, we help our customers better connect with their customers the second they visit their website. We help you greet, inform and sell your products, services and brands online in a much more engaging way. We essentially Humanize the Web! Adding video to enhance online advertising and the customer experience can generate increased response, interaction and audience involvement. 80% of online visitors recall seeing a video ad and 52% take action. 16% of online video viewers make a purchase (Source: Online Publishers Association). When Sundance Balloons wanted to engage their visitors in a unique, innovative and compelling way, they contacted Sundance Balloons is one of the largest and most respected hot air balloon companies in the world. Whether you're looking for an unforgettable adventure to celebrate a special occasion or to fulfill a magical dream of flight, Sundance Balloons delivers. Since 1985, Sundance Balloons has flown more than 250,000 passengers on more than 25,000 flights at their locations across Canada. Experience the thrill and tranquility of a hot air balloon flight with Sundance Balloons. I did and it was absolutely an amazing experience. Check out their website at and you'll also see our campaign delivering an engaging and innovative online experience. And while your checking out Sundance's departure locations and special rates, check out their corporate hot air balloon programs too. Take your brand to new heights. To book your next balloon adventure, contact today! To book your engaging online video program for your website, contact today!